Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

I’m a little afraid right now. Not so much of the virus but of the panic. Like lots of folks who are mostly healthy but have chronic underlying health issues.

There are a lot of us who are ok when society is functioning as normal but at risk for death or serious illness if the bottoms drops out. I’m one of them.

In my particular case: I’m missing 90% of my gut from the car accident that nearly took me out at age 16.

Usually this isn’t as scary or risky as it sounds. I adapt my diet to keep my electrolytes in balance. I snack a lot and drink a ton of water. I’m mostly as healthy as anyone else except for rods in my back and some fun looking abdominal scars and slightly bad teeth (calcium loss.)

A few times it hasn’t been enough and they’ve popped me into the hospital for a few days for IV replenishment. I always survive to tell the tale.

In the grocery-apocalypse, though…what if?

What if the hoarders clear out all of the meat and dairy and cheese and eggs and I can’t get enough protein? (I can’t digest whole grains or beans and nuts would literally kill me.) What if I can’t find the potatoes and orange juice and canned tomatoes that are my go to potassium sources? Or if I can’t get magnesium and B12 supplements?

In a post Coronavirus universe, my backup plan of “go to the ER and get an IV” might not be possible this time around. If there aren’t enough beds it might just be game over.

That’s the world we’re living in this week. And friends with diabetes or multiple food allergies or heart or liver disease are all in the same boat. And that boat is going over some rocky waters.