The Songs Remain The Same…

Dear Music Friends,

With the world upside down and uncertain, your friendly neighborhood music scribe has NOT been ok. The past week and a half or so has been a roller coaster ride of grief, uncertainty and existential fear. I couldn’t write, I could barely make breakfast and get out of bed each day.

But you know what’s kept me going? You folks. Your resilience, your hope, your dogged perseverance. The daily feast of live music feeds, recordings, photos, art, and heartfelt day to day updates. You all are the heart and soul and pulse of this community and I’m honored to get to share that with others every week.

There will DEFINITELY be future Tucson Sounds columnsĀ  and I want to share your upcoming live feeds, new releases, quarantine thoughts and the like. Local music happenings, national music happenings, efforts to support our own, and dispatches from the front.

In the meantime, share those links and invites! Give me something to write about. I’m still here and still listening with every beat of my heart.

Peace, love and jellybeans,