William Blake Tarot Card of the Day

Ten of Painting (Delight): Your work or ideal takes on a life of it own. Financial prosperity. Achievement or promotion on the job. Inheriting something of tangible or permanent value. Family gatherings and traditions. Finding your roots. Active involvement in community and societal spheres. In the creative process: The success of completion of your project is cause for celebration and an opportunity to honor all the gods and spirits that participated in your benefit.

Cardinal Sins of the Retail Economy

Went to the Barnes and Noble instead of the local indy bookseller again. Because the aisles are wider and they sell coffee in the store instead of three stores away. I’m going to politically incorrect consumer hell, I know. To compound things, I was going to take the girls to a nice little diner for lunch and gave up and went for fast food instead. I truly think most evil corporate empires in the world are fueled by the flat out laziness of the general populace in this country. We don’t have time to look for what we want, we want to be told what we want and then have it handed over to us in exchange for a reasonable amount of money. Even if it comes into our greedy little palms by way of sweatshop labor or fraudulent marketing or murdered orphan bunnies or something. We don’t want to know how it happens, we just want it and we want it now. I say as I sip my Starbucks/Barnes & Noble Christmas blend cafe au lait. Shame on you if all you can think about after reading that sentence is how good the coffee sounds:)

Peace,Love, and Armchair Revolution,

Corbid Ravenous, Pathetic Marketing Vicitm

21st century girl

Realized we have not yet achieved an elctronic universe yet when it comes to money, at least in some choice locations. Drove all the way downtown then realized I had no change for the friggin parking meters. contemplated finding an ATM machine, then spending some cash somewhere, then said fuck it, I have a sleeping baby in the car and left. Maybe next time…

Friday Five

Email me your answers, c’mon don’t be shy:)

List five things you’d like to accomplish by the end of the year.

List five people you’ve lost contact with that you’d like to hear from again.

List five things you’d like to learn how to do.

List five things you’d do if you won the lottery (no limit).

List five things you do that help you relax.

My Responses:

1)Teach my older daughter to read,go back to school,Achieve control over my domestic environment, cheer the hell up, volunteer for a political candidate, write something publishable. 2)Lee Mayhew, Andy Morrill, Kelly Monahan, Christine at Intuit, Edwin Moody. 3)Read & write music, Drive stick shift, master HTML and the fundamentals of basic web design, Learn another language or three, learn to be sweeter and more humble. 4)Build happy bedroom retreats for my children, a car for their father,granite countertops for my kitchen, finance the commercial and artistic dream ventures of my friends, finance creative social rebellions…5)Laughing out loud,learning new and useless facts,escapism through reading,baking bread (now that it’s finally cold enough outside,)listening to webradio and/or my library of assorted mp3 files.

Cell phones…

…are a tool of the devil. Or at the very least, more trouble than they’re worth. Gave up trying to revive mine and accomplished about a dozen other things which is so out of character for me and I mean that in a good way. It was as if the little cartoon clouds above my head had parted for a moment, allowing vision and clarity or at least the energy to get up out of my chair and clean the damned refrigerators for a change. It was like an archeological dig, that was. How old does jam have to get before it actually grows mold, I ask you? Quite old indeed. Bought the universal remote I’d been needing since it was ridiculous to have two televisions and still not be able to watch certain channels without aid of the single VCR. Now listening to a used CD I bought about three weeks ago and forgot about: The soundtrack for “Basquiat.” Tom Waits is singing “Waltzing Matilda,” and though that sounds ridiculous, truly it’s fucking gorgeous.

A word I didn’t know…will wonders never cease…

And a rather fitting one at that. If any of you knew it already, I shall have to disown you. Just kidding. Well,sort of kidding. Here it is:


(adjective) [rahsher’SHAY]

1. rare or exotic, and usually only known to connoisseurs: “I’ve never had the patience to dig very deep into the music scene, so I rely on Justin to keep me abreast of recherche acts.” 2. exquisite; choice. 3. marked by excessive or exaggerated refinement; forced. 4. pretentious.

And on a less refined note…

Courtesy of Lizzie, I have learned that today is World Toilet Day, I shite you not. Oh, that was bad

Comfort zone

Contemplating becoming a happy little zoloft drop. Eating chocolate ice cream and frozen pizza simultaneously while listening to goth internet radio and watching the baby roll around on the floor. Resolving to banish certain thoughts from my head. I will emerge from this cocoon the stronger for it. Anyone who gets in my way can just friggin’ eat me, how’s that?