Hope your respective Christmases were happy, or at least failed to suck too terribly…

Happy Boxing Day!!!

Our Christmas was rather low key, but nice. Spent it with my husband’s family mostly, and were fed and gifted well. Needless to say, all day my girls bounced off the walls in manic rapturous joy. In fine Day After Christmas tradition,Chaos does ensue. There are toys scattered to the four winds, Maggie is wrestling with her dog (telling him “Well, Danny, maybe you’re a bad dog and maybe you’re a good dog, and maybe you’re a bad dog and maybe you’re a good dog…yeah, I love you,Danny…”) and Sarah is eating the first and last Oreo she will have for quite some time. It is now time for the traditional Ordering Of The Boxing Day Pizza and the Drinking Of Caffeine. I shall need fuel in order to clean up this mess and I still have some post Christmas gifts to make for the game night people. Cthulu Christmas Cards if I can get my printer to work. Otherwise, CD mixes for all. In light of this most stressful of holiday seasons, I am reminded of the year my sister announced she was celebrating Kwanzaa instead of Christmas, because it starts the day after Christmas and you make your own presents and she was feeling kind of cheap that year. My sister used to be really funny, but she’s gotten kind of staid and conservative at the ripe old age of 25. May I never grow old, says the pigtailed thirty year old who’s eating chocolate for breakfast. Even if I keep getting lumps of coal in my stocking. I shite you not, there were lumps of coal, well candy lumps of coal, anyway. But, alas, I have much to do today besides update my blog and watch the Care Bear Excercise video for the hundreth time this morning.

In the meantime, to assist in your post holiday letdown, here’s some McSweeneys links to brighten your rainy day:

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Bad Santa indeed

Aaarrggh!!! I’d written a post and tried to post a link to a website that counted down the days until Christmas and was gunned down by a flash animation and loud musical rendition of electronic Jingle Bells. Ovewhelmed my browser. Won’t share the link as I have no desire to share the agony…

Wanted to mention that it’s International Buy Nothing Day and to add the caveat that local businesses and jewelry sellers in the mall, for example don’t count as evil corporate entities, so by all means, buy from such merchants as they:)

And learned there’s a textbook on blogging. WTF? How self indulgent is that? But I wouldn’t mind it for Christmas. Or else this.

Other then that, all you’ve missed was a pastry recipe and tales of maternal guilt, which I shall expound on at a later date.

Peace out. Or whatever. Hope you had a happy holiday.