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Strange, semi-lucid dream. Actually, the opposite of a lucid dream, as it did not seem like I was dreaming, so much as it seemed more real than reality, much less a dream. In the  dream I’m in the backseat of a car with my sister and my parents are in the front seat and we’re traveling somewhere. I guess I’m a teenager in this dream, although it appears to be set in “the present.” Both my father and I look out the car window into the night sky and see what appears to be a particularly bright looking star blink, then get larger and turn reddish and then blink out, possibly falling to Earth. We are still travelling and can’t seem to get decent radio reception, but somehow I know this is significant and we should check the news when we get to our destination. When we get to the hotel where we’re apparently staying, the various news channels report worldwide sightings of alien beings, including pictures. The creatures seem somewhat ambivalent toward humans and don’t attempt to communicate with us. They seem to be merely observing the surroundings as an explorer might explore new territory and maybe ignore the local “fauna.” One of the captured photos seems to indicate two of the aliens engaged in an argument or possible combat with each other, oblivious to a nearby human being.  The aliens are about 8 – 10 foot tall, coral and red-brown colored insectlike creatures, very thin, with some resemblance to ants, some resemblance to lobsters and a hint of resemblance to aloe vera plants. They also bear a vague indescribable likeness to Sutton Hoo ship burial era Vikings and may or may not have skeletal horses of some kind. Many of the sightings are at Breast Cancer awareness functions and outdoor flower gardens. The aliens appear to be attracted to pink ribbons and fresh blooming orchids.The sightings taper off in the course of 24 hours, at which point 19 bodies are recovered in various locations, the aliens being apparently unprepared for and unable to deal with our atmosphere. Autopsies of the bodies reveal a tree-like genetic makeup and a latin name is given to their species. Their ship appears to have crashed and been recovered as well, although I am not certain where exactly. The amazing thing is that this is reported matter of factly as “just another news item” with little more impact than a Paris Hilton DUI arrest. When in fact it should have earthshattering impact.

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This dream is significant.

Posted by shane on Jul 10, 2007 8:00 PM
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Michael Forkan

Hmm..sometimes an alien is just an alien.

Posted by Michael Forkan on Jul 11, 2007 6:40 PM
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